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The Prompt Library

The prompt library in provides you with a variety of predefined prompts that make it easier for you to get started and work.

Feature overview

How to access the Prompt library

Click on the “Prompt Management” button under the Prompt overview. If there is a green dot on this icon, it means that new prompts have been added to the library that you have not yet viewed.

The Prompt Library opens and shows you various prompts, which are categorized by area of application.

Select and add prompts

Prompt groups and prompt categories

Depending on how you use the NELE app, one or more prompt groups are displayed in the left column of the Prompt Library. This is always the prompt group "" prefabricated by and, optionally, a prompt group from the organization to which you belong.

The prompts in your organization's prompt group are selected and made available by your administrator. Within the prompt groups, there are in turn prompt categories, such as “word processing”, “sales” or “design.”

Add prompts from a category to your prompt overview

Select the desired category (1)to see the prompts available in it. Each prompt is provided with a brief description of its purpose.

At the desired prompt, click on the Add box (1a)to download it from the Prompt Library to your Prompt overview in From there, you can customize the prompt as you like or start generating content right away.

With the Add All button (2) download all displayed prompts from the selected category.

Note: If the added prompt was previously in your prompt collection, it will also be added again when you download it again. This is helpful if, for example, you have edited the prompt that you have already added, but also want to use the original variant from the Prompt Library. This allows you to use variants of the same prompt.

The Prompt library with continuous updates

The Prompt Library is a dynamic feature that is regularly expanded with new prompts and categories. Use it to spark your creativity, find ideas, and make the most of the power of