Secure Artificial Intelligence for your
business enables companies to implement AI technologies such as ChatGPT in a legally secure and fast way, while ensuring data privacy and making managing prompts a breeze.

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We will give you 1,000 credits for your start.
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We give you 1,000 credits for your start. Your chosen subscription will start after the credits are used up or at the latest after 7 days.

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Law office Dr. jur. Thomas Schwenke enables the privacy-compliant
use of generative AI.

Dr. Thomas Schwenke
Expert and legal advisor in data protection law
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Market leaders trust in us

Release the power of AI enables you to automate time-consuming manual processes so that your employees can focus on important things.

Thanks to, you can use AI conveniently and at any time. For example, for Windows/Mac offers the possibility to process texts in any application in the simplest way by pressing Ctrl+C or ⌘C twice.

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Faster processes

Increase your company's efficiency by using AI-based process optimization.

Hundreds of professional prompts for everyday work and a variety of professional groups empower when using secure AI.

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Data security

We guarantee that the AI models are not trained with your sensitive data.

In addition, we filter out personal data from your input before it is temporarily processed by the AI.

As soon as the AI response is complete, your original data is reinstated.

Trust a professional prompt management

With, you not only get a safe and easy way to use AI, but also creative inspiration through a variety of pre-built prompts.

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Use hundreds
of ready prompts

Our library offers you a collection of proven prompts for different areas of activity, so you'll be ready to go right away.

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Create and save your own prompts allows you and your team to permanently store and easily apply prompts you create yourself.

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Simple management

With our simple management environment, you can very easily add, manage, and remove user accounts and roll out AI centrally to your organization.

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Calculable costs

You want security? As with your cell phone, with you also book a monthly data volume(AI volume) in the form of credits for your company. No costs per user:inside. So you can invite as many employees as you like.

The data volume can be adjusted to your needs at any time.

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Prompt library comes with pre-built prompts for a variety of subject areas and practical applications. These prompts have been provided, tested and continuously expanded by experts in the respective subject areas.

Inspire and empower your team with these templates.

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Simple billing

The booked AI volume is billed monthly per team. You will receive a central invoice for this.

Simply pay by direct debit or credit card, whichever is most convenient for you.

All invoices are available to you at any time in the admin area.

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you can be data protection compliant

Free online lecture

Get inspired and register for one of our upcoming free webinars to unlock the full potential of and thereby make your everyday work more efficient. We look forward to supporting you on your way to increased productivity and efficiency.

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We will give you 1,000 credits for your start.
Your chosen subscription will start after the credits have been used up
or after 7 days at the latest.

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What our customers say


What makes different from other AI tools? is a client that integrates directly into the operating system and can be combined with various AI tools. has three major advantages over other AI tools:

1. We filter out personal data for each request before it is processed by the AI and then reassembled.

2. is NOT trained with the data you give it to process. Therefore, is perfect for enterprise use.

3. Our AI prompt library allows you to use and extend templates for work processes. With their help, you and your employees can get started right away.

How does work? runs as a standalone application for Mac and Windows. The application uses AI-based systems to process queries, but filters out personal data.

Users can be created with an administration account. New users receive an email after creation and can then download the application or log in if the application is already installed.

What types of content can generate?

Currently is able to generate various forms of text, code and tables.
In the future it is planned to be able to generate audio, video and image files as well.

Who is developed by? is made in Germany by GAL Digital GmbH, a digital agency in central Hesse.

There, a dedicated team is continuously developing

Can I use mobile?

Yes. Via the web app (, can be used via any browser. The responsive design also enables use on mobile devices.

Is the application compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, is data protection compliant and has been audited and confirmed by the external data protection officer Dr. Thomas Schwenke.

Can I write SEO optimized texts with

Yes, with you can write SEO-optimized texts using the ready-made templates (so-called prompts). You can find them in the Prompt Library in the Marketing section.

Why should I work with an AI in my company?

By using AI, you can save time and costs and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Your employees can handle routine tasks significantly faster and thus have more time for important tasks.

What technologies does use?

The AI is currently based on leading AI technology from OpenAI. In the coming months, other providers will be offered in the app.

In which languages is available?

Currently, is available in the following languages:

English, French, German, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.

More languages are planned.

For whom is suitable? is suitable for anyone who wants to use AI in a privacy-compliant manner, manage prompts, and professionally implement AI in companies.

Do I need special knowledge to use

It is important to understand that is only a tool. The expertise of a skilled worker is still needed for the input (what do I want) and for the evaluation (is this correct and did I want this).

Can I test for free?

Yes, administrators receive a budget that can be consumed.
Only after the free budget is consumed, becomes chargeable.

What happens to my data?

Data protection is particularly important at The data is temporarily transmitted to the model of your choice, and this data is not used to teach the models. In addition, your personal data is filtered out before it is sent.

Where can I use artificial intelligence in my company?

There are many ways AI can be used effectively in your company to support your employees.

Here are some examples:

- Writing and answering emails
- Researching
- Rephrasing and translating texts
- Solving problems
- Gaining insights from unstructured data
- Writing tickets
- Creating concepts
- Identifying errors in unstructured text
- Creating or evaluating tables
- Creating Excel formulas
- Programming
- Evaluation and opinions

and many more.

Can I write texts in different tonalities with

Yes, you can choose in your settings whether you want to address people in your answers as "duden" or "siezen".

In addition, in the Prompt library under Word processing, you can choose from various tonalities with which you can rewrite a text according to your wishes.