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The AI platform that combines the user experience, security, management, and privacy of artificial intelligence.

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Features of

Unlock your full potential with AI.
Boost your productivity: provides ready-to-use features and interfaces that help you save time and money.


Our chat is a latest-generation AI assistant, developed for use in professional life.
It was developed in such a way that it works safely, precisely and reliably.

We support the leading AI models and the integration of open source LLM into your own infrastructure.

Data protection

Our system ensures compliance with applicable privacy policies and ensures that your data is safe and secure.

No data is used to train AI and personal data is pseudominated as far as possible.
Your data remains your data.


Make knowledge in your company accessible to everyone by saving documents and websites in a knowledge database and assigning them to users.

This significantly reduces the risk of hallucinations. The answers are always backed up with the source document,

Prompt library

Manage internal prompts or draw on a variety of prepared prompts that cover a wide range of subject areas and practical applications.

Use hundreds of ready-made prompts developed by experts, constantly expanded, to inspire and strengthen your team.


Make administration as easy as possible for your administrators.

For example, you can set limits, manage AI models, easily manage knowledge databases, or set up single sign-on.


Pay a fixed amount for the monthly usage volume of all your employees. There is no additional cost per user.

There are no additional costs per user, such as with Copilot 365 or ChatGPT Enterprise. This saves you license costs and gives everyone access to AI. - AI application examples - AI data protection compliant for companies


Customer success stories
Thousands of users rely on our AI solution. We hear one thing over and over again, “so practical.”
Stadt Bad Nauheim Matthias Wieliki Testimonial - Datenschutz konforme KI für Städte und Kommunen

“With, we make working for us more attractive. Legal access to artificial intelligence relieves our employees and focuses on what counts. Usage doubled in each of the first three months.”

Matthias Wieliki
City of Bad Nauheim
Nina Sterling Referenz - Kundenzitat

“We use for various tasks, and to varying degrees. The range of functions and the licensing model are therefore ideally suited to our needs. We would particularly like to highlight the good and fast support, as well as the helpful tutorials.”

Nina Valeska Sterling
Pearl Promotion GmbH & Co. KG Referenz Johannes Zenglein - Datenschutzkonforme KI

“6 employees enthusiastically use every day, with the increase in productivity far exceeding the monthly investment of around €8 per employee.”

Johannes Zenglein
ZEGO Textile Finishing Center Referenz Hans-Peter Neeb - Datenschutzkonforme KI

“With the help of, medium-sized companies can effectively optimize their employee resources.”

Hans-Peter Neeb
Katja Ratzmann Referenz - Kundenzitat

“ makes everyday life much easier for us and increases the productivity of the entire team. We achieve our goals faster — in compliance with data protection regulations and completely legal. If you don't use, you're missing out! ”

Katja Ratzmann
Kamikaze Digital Marketing GmbH Referenz Matthias Leder - Datenschutzkonforme KI

“ bietet einen sicheren Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz für die deutschen Unternehmen.”

Dr. Matthias Leder
IHK Gießen-Friedberg Referenz Thomas Schwenke - Datenschutzkonforme KI

“ enables the privacy-compliant use of generative AI.”

Dr. Thomas Schwenke
Expert in data protection law

Workflows with assistance prompts

Streamline your repetitive tasks with Our assistance prompts guide employees step by step to precise results. For example, you can use it to structure the preparation of a report or press release.

The user is systematically asked for all necessary information until all criteria are met to achieve a perfect result. Experience the difference between a direct prompt and an assistance prompt in various areas of application.

Our assistant prompt generator efficiently supports you in creating these aids.

Apply prompts
with one click

Our prompt library offers hundreds of prompts for immediate use and increased productivity. In addition, you can specifically develop your own prompts for your company and your use cases and make them available to your employees.

The application is extremely simple. You enter the information you want to edit in the text box and select the appropriate prompt. With one click, the prompt is applied to the entered information and processed with the selected AI model.

An integrated search allows you to quickly find the right prompt. With, your employees are introduced to the topic of prompting and thus learn how to use AI in a targeted and efficient manner to become more productive.

AI for the working world

Apply prompts with just one click.

Get all of your company's knowledge available at any time and in natural language. Our knowledge databases (RAG) offer you this function, which can process large amounts of information from various documents and websites.

Upload PDFs, Excel, Word, Epub files, website URLs, and ask specific questions. Get precise answers with traceable sources that are securely stored on our German servers.

Whether it's product information, processes or QA systems — our solution provides you with reliable answers at a central location and minimizes hallucinations through the underlying AI.

With, you always have your company's wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

AI solution for organizations

In Germany, our AI solution is optimized to meet the needs of SMEs.
We offer you a fair pricing model, high data security, many prompt templates, central management
the user and a positive user experience.

Mac, Windows, web, mobile

You can use our AI solution with the desktop app for Mac and Windows

Many AI models

No AI training takes place with your entered data. Your data remains your data. Our servers are located in Germany.

Data encryption

All transfers are always carried out using modern encryption techniques to ensure data protection.


For a higher level of data protection, you can optionally pseudonymize your entries automatically as far as is apparent.

No training of data

With our AI platform, we make artificial intelligence clear and comprehensible. In doing so, we attach great importance to usability and aesthetics.

Easy Management & SSO

Centrally manage and control AI models, prompts, knowledge databases, and users. Single sign-on is available as an option.

Centralized billing

Many options and centralized billing. Pay via SEPA direct debit, credit card or invoice.

Prompt management

Our prompt library offers ready-made prompts on many topics. Manage and organize internal company prompts in the same library.

Many AI models

Stay independent and choose from the best AI models like GPT-4o, Claude 3 Opus, and even dedicated models like Llama 3.

Start the way you want.

Start your way — we offer flexible entry options to meet your individual needs.

Frequently asked questions

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What makes different from other AI tools is a client that integrates directly into the operating system and can be combined with various AI tools. has three major advantages over other AI tools:

1. We filter out personal data with every request before it is processed by the AI and then reassembled.
We will charge you for using AI according to consumption packages. This gives you the advantage that all employees have access to AI without needing a license for each user.

On average, our customers save costs for just two users compared to the two user licenses required for Microsoft Copilot 365 or ChatGPT Enterprise (as of 06/06/2024).

2. is NOT trained with the data that you give it to edit. is therefore perfect for use in businesses.3. Our AI Prompt Library allows you to use and extend templates for work processes. With their help, you and your employees can get started right away.
With, the AI models used are NOT trained with the data that is used for editing. Therefore, is perfect for use in companies.

We check all AI models for compliant use whenever the terms of use or data protection regulations change.

On request, will filter out personal data with every request, as far as it is technically recognizable, before it is processed by the AI and then reassembled.

3. Our prompt library provides you with over 200 professional prompts, as well as templates for work processes (assistance prompts), which are immediately ready for use and can be extended. This allows you and your employees to start using AI right away.
Our prompt library provides you with over 300 professional prompts, as well as templates for work processes (assistance prompts), which are immediately ready for use and can be extended. This allows you and your employees to start using AI right away.

We offer important enterprise features even in the smallest package. This includes centralized management, single sign-on (SSO), flexible AI models, API access, and more.

What technologies does use?

The AI is currently based on leading AI technology from OpenAI. In the next few months, other providers will be offered in the app.

We are constantly expanding the AI models and always provide the latest models from the respective provider. In doing so, we check every model within for legal compliance and contractually ensure that your data is not used for training.

How does work? runs as a standalone application for Mac and Windows. The application uses AI-based systems to process requests but filters out personal data. Users can be created with an administration account. Once created, new users receive an email and can then download the application or log in if the application is already installed.

Users can be created and AI models and knowledge databases can be managed via an administration account. The app and data storage are carried out exclusively on servers within the EU.

In addition, allows you to add AI functionalities to your own application by developing your individual application or service via the API.

Who is developed by? is made in Germany by GAL Digital GmbH, a central Hessian digital agency.

Die AI agency also develops individual solutions for companies based on

With a team of 40 developers, prompt engineers and designers, is continuously being developed in Germany to meet the needs of German organizations and especially SMEs.

Who is suitable for? is suitable for anyone who wants to use AI in compliance with data protection regulations, manage prompts and use AI professionally in companies.

Due to the low-threshold start in terms of price and the easy use of existing prompts, it is suitable for both AI beginners and AI experts. In addition to weekly free specialist lectures on, Nele. and local partners offer paid training courses to take your team into the new world of artificial intelligence and provide tips and tricks for everyday working life.

What languages is available in?

The interface is currently available in German and English. Other languages for the application can be implemented at short notice on request.

However, most of the AI models used support all widely used languages in the world, including Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Hungarian, and more.

Why should I work with AI in my company?

By using AI, you can save time and money and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Your employees can complete routine tasks much faster and therefore have more time for important tasks.

Recent studies assume that the productivity increase of AI is around 30%.

Furthermore, a large-scale study by Microsoft and LinkedIn in 2024 with 36,000 participants revealed that 3 out of 4 employees are already using AI, but 73% bring their own AI to work. This is an enormous security potential for the outflow of critical corporate information. We therefore recommend offering AI solutions legally and securely.

Where can I use artificial intelligence in my company?

There are many ways that AI can be used effectively in your organization to support your employees.

Here are a few examples:

- Write and reply to emails
- Write and reply to emails
- Research
- Reformulate and translate texts
- Solving problems
- Gain insights from unstructured data
- Write tickets
- Create concepts
- Identify errors in unstructured text
- Create or evaluate tables
- Create Excel formulas
- programming
- Evaluation and opinions

and much more

What types of content can generate?

Currently, is able to generate various forms of text, code, and tables. In the future, it is also planned to be able to generate audio, video and image files.

In the future, it is also planned to be able to generate audio and video files.

Do I need any special knowledge to use

It's important to understand that is just a tool. The expertise of a skilled worker is still required for input (what do I want) and for evaluation (is that correct and did I want that).

This means that the expertise of a skilled worker is still required for input (what do I want to achieve) and evaluation (if the result is correct and as desired). The intelligence of the AI lies in the prompt, i.e. in the command. If I give a specific command or instruction and describe what I want to receive, the AI will deliver impressive results. However, if I just give a brief, unclear statement without restrictions on length and background information, the result won't be satisfactory.

Can I use on the go?

Yes Using the web app (, can be used via any browser. The responsive design also allows use on mobile devices.

Can I use on the go?

Yes Using the web app (, can be used via any browser. The responsive design also allows use on mobile devices.

Can I write SEO-optimized texts with

Yes, with, you can write SEO-optimized texts using ready-made templates (so-called prompts). These can be found in the Prompt library in the Marketing section.

Can I write texts in different tonalities with

Yes, you can choose in your settings whether you want to name or siren people in your answers.

Can I test for free?

Yes, administrators get a budget that can be consumed. Only after the free budget has been used up is charged.

You can cancel at any time during the trial. As soon as your test expires, your booked AI volume will be extended by one month. You can cancel at any time at the end of the booking cycle. Therefore, you don't take any risks with

And what's more, the investment costs just a few euros per month for your entire team. As usage increases, your productivity increases and you can adjust your monthly volume. You can switch to a higher package volume at any time during your billing period. Our package volumes are called AI volumes. These volumes contain tokens that represent word syllables. When booking, we illustrate this as an approximate number of words per month. Both the words entered and the output words are counted. However, most of our customers with over 50 employees make do with a low three-digit amount per month.