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Secure artificial intelligence for your

Data protection

Our dedicated data protection team ensures that your data is protected through strict access controls and regular audits.

data security

We offer uncompromising data security through cutting-edge encryption, pseudonymization and secure storage on EU servers.


We harmoniously integrate AI and human control to maintain ethical standards and accountability of decisions.

Dr. jur. Thomas Schwenke law firm enables data protection compliance
Use of generative AI.

Dr. Thomas Schwenke
Expert and legal advisor in data protection law

Privacy & data security

We regularly review our suppliers' conditions to ensure the safe use of all AI models in

Data delimitation

The client's personal data is processed logically separately and protected against unauthorized access or connection with other data.

Vulnerability scans

Systematic vulnerability scans are carried out regularly in order to identify and fix potential security gaps at an early stage. The review is carried out in accordance with OWASP guidelines and CVE checks.

access control

Only authorized persons can access data processing systems and procedures. This is ensured by applying strong password policies, two-factor authentication, and monitoring access activity.

data encryption

Sensitive data is encrypted and transmitted using AES-256 and is protected using TLS 1.3.


All operations are monitored and recorded in detailed audit logs, which allows them to be analyzed and reviewed at any time.


On request, will redact sensitive personal data before transmission, where technically possible, and reinserts it after receiving the message.

No training data for LLMs

All available AI models contractually guarantee that your data will not be used to train future models. Even with local, dedicated models, there is no training with your data.

User-defined storage period

You decide for yourself how long your chats and documents remain stored on our German servers. You can set the deletion time at any time by deleting the data.

Resilience to data hallucinations

Our knowledge databases are based on RAG, which prevents hallucinations through the selected AI model. If the AI doesn't have any information, it will display it. If information is available, it indicates its source.


We believe that people
control and transparency
should protect his work.


If it is technically possible, we make it clear to the user on which basis an answer is generated, for example in our knowledge databases. In addition, we do not prune the chat history, but inform the user about it.

Labeling requirement

In accordance with Article 50, we commit ourselves to inform every person who interacts with our AI system in a timely and clear manner about the use of AI, its functions, possible human supervision, and decision makers.


Our authorization system ensures that employees cannot be evaluated. In addition, our authorization system allows you to set access rights to necessary information in order to follow the minimal principle.


We support all major AI models. You can decide whether you want to run the AI models on European servers, international servers or, for some large language models, in your own server environment.

Data protection standard

We take extensive measures to ensure the safety of our product.

data processing agreement

In our AVV, we contractually regulate how we process and protect your data. Under point 6, you will find all technical organizational measures.

privacy policy

We work closely with external data protection officers to design and implement robust and effective privacy policies.

Data protection impact assessment

We have created a DPO to help your data protection officer evaluate our system. We would be happy to send them to you via e-mail.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is the application compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, is privacy-compliant and secure. This is regularly checked and confirmed by external data protection expert Dr. Thomas Schwenke.

Hundreds of data protection officers have already reviewed our processes and rated them as successful and secure. This gives us the assurance that we are on the right track and that we take our obligations seriously.

The following links provide you with more detailed information about our data protection measures:

Order processing agreement:

Evidence of technical-organizational measures (TOM):
See point 6 at

Feel free to request our data protection impact assessment to obtain comprehensive information about our data protection and security concept.

Wo kann ich den Auftragsdatenverarbeitungsvertrag herunterladen?

Unsere Vereinbarung zur Auftragsdatenverarbeitung umfasst unter Punkt 6 auch die technischen und organisatorischen Maßnahmen. Sollten Sie zusätzlich eine Datenschutz-Folgenabschätzung benötigen, senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail an Die Vereinbarung zur Auftragsverarbeitung können Sie unter folgendem Link einsehen:

What happens to my data?

At, privacy comes first. Your data is temporarily transferred to the AI model you have selected, but is not used to train the models.

Personal data can also, as far as technically possible, be pseudonymized before transmission to the AI model, which further increases the level of data protection.

All data, including your entries, chats and knowledge databases, is stored exclusively on servers within Germany.

We also offer customers the option to operate selected AI models in their own infrastructure.

Where and by whom is developed?

The development of takes place in Germany, more specifically at GAL Digital GmbH in Central Hesse.

GAL Digital is a software company that was founded 19 years ago and is still one of the most innovative medium-sized German companies in 2024.

Forty digital experts, including software developers, prompt engineers and designers, are continuously working to further develop The solution is specifically tailored to the needs of German organizations and with a focus on German SMEs.

Where can I find your AVV or TOM

Here you can find more detailed information about our data protection measures:

Order processing agreement:

Evidence of technical-organizational measures (TOM):
See point 6 at

On request, we would be happy to send you our data protection impact assessment so that you can obtain comprehensive information about our data protection and security concept.

What makes different from other AI tools is a client that integrates directly into the operating system and can be combined with various AI tools. has three major advantages over other AI tools:

Personal data is filtered out before AI processing and then put back together — a crucial step in protecting sensitive information.

The AI models used are not trained with your data, which makes a trustworthy solution for professional corporate use.

An extensive prompt library with over 200 professional prompts and customizable workflow templates provides a smooth introduction to the world of AI for you and your team.

What technologies does use?

The AI is currently based on leading AI models from OpenAI, Microsoft Azure and Anthrophic. We are constantly expanding the AI models and always provide the latest models from the respective provider.

How does work? is a standalone application that runs in every browser and is available as a desktop app for Mac and Windows. The application uses AI-based systems to process inquiries. If necessary, personal data can be filtered out.

Who is developed by? is made in Germany by GAL Digital GmbH, a central Hessian digital agency.

Who is suitable for? is ideal for anyone who wants to use generative AI securely and in compliance with data protection regulations, manage prompts and use AI professionally in organizations. Thanks to the attractive pricing model, you can start investing just €10 per month for your entire company.

What languages is available in?

Currently, is available in the following languages:

Why should I work with AI in my company?

By using AI, you can save time and money and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Your employees can complete routine tasks much faster and therefore have more time for important tasks.

Where can I use artificial intelligence in my company?

There are many ways that AI can be used effectively in your organization to support your employees.

Schedule a consultation today and see for yourself how takes your company to the next level of innovation!