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Direct prompts — easy and result-oriented text generation

With Direct Prompts, you can generate high-quality texts in no time that convey your messages precisely.

What are direct prompts?

Direct prompts are simple, clear instructions that you send to an AI text generator to get the content you want. Instead of giving lengthy explanations, formulate your requirements concisely and precisely. The clearer and more detailed your prompts are, the better the AI can meet your needs.

Feature overview

How to Use Direct Prompts Effectively

Explain your goal precisely. First, think about what type of text you need — a blog post, a product description, a news article, or something else. The more clearly you define your goal, the better the AI can address it.

Type your prompt in the text box (1) enter and click submit (1a).

Instead of formulating the prompt yourself, you can use one of the direct prompts provided by You can recognize this by the light bulb (without the lightning symbol) (2). The text of the pre-written prompt is automatically in the text field (1) inserted as soon as you click Execute (2a) clicked. Here you can further customize the prompt or add additional information before you send it (1a).

As an alternative to entering text, you have the option of recording an audio (3) Start to answer your prompt (this requires a microphone).

Adjust the prompt as needed

If the generated result doesn't meet your expectations, adjust your prompt (read the article on managing your prompts). Add more details or change the wording slightly to get the output you want.

Direct prompts are an efficient way to create high-quality content in the shortest possible time. With clear goals, detailed information, and precise instructions, you can take full advantage of the power of AI text generation and communicate your messages effectively.