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Image generation with

Discover the possibilities of AI-powered image generation from, which allows you to create images from simple text descriptions in seconds. Let your creativity run wild and create landscapes, creatures, or abstract works of art.

Feature overview

image generation

In the chat overview, click on the “Create a new image chat” icon (1).

Enter a detailed description of the desired image in the text box (1a). The more precise your description, the better the AI can implement your concept.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust the following image generation settings: Select an AI model (2), set the quality (3), change the image format (4) and customize the style you want (5).

Click “Submit” (1b)to start the creation process.

Image generation from a chat response

In addition to being able to generate an image from an image prompt, you can also start image generation from an existing chat. To do this, click on the “Create new image chat” button above a chat message (1)

A new chat opens, in which an image is generated from the content of the message.

More image features

After sending an image prompt, you will be shown the corresponding generated image after a short time (1).

About the image download function (2) You can download the result as a high-resolution image file.

If you want to change something about the image, you can do so with the “Change image” function (3) do. The previously used prompt then appears in your chat input field, where it can be adjusted and sent again. A new image is then generated.

With the “Generate another version” function, (4) A new version of your image is generated based on the original prompt.