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Image generation with AI from for companies

What can users generate with DALL-E 3 in

In addition to generating text, also offers the option of generating images with DALL-E 3 from OpenAI and Microsoft Azure. This leading image generation tool is integrated into as a standalone AI model. This enables the user to generate unique and high-quality images, graphics and illustrations with the help of text inputs.

The parameters can be set

DALL-E 3 is a leading AI model specifically developed to illustrate images based on textual descriptions. Users of can set various parameters (quality, format, style):

  • HD: High-resolution images with a high level of detail.
  • Standard: Faster images created with good quality but may have lower levels of detail.
  • Square (1024x1024): Ideal for social network profiles or posts.
  • Landscape mode (1792x1024): Suitable for web page headers or banners.
  • Portrait format (1024x1792): Perfect for mobile displays or story formats.
    Style options:
  • Natural: Generates images with a realistic appearance.
  • Vivid: Produces intensely colorful and dynamic images.

AI volume consumption

The quality and image size parameters result in different prices per image:

Tabelle zum Creditverbrauch je nach Bildqualität und -größe

Areas of application of image generation

Image generation is versatile and is used, among other things, for:

  • Creating visual content for digital marketing.
  • Inspiration and creation in art and graphic design.
  • Quick development of prototypes for visual projects.
  • Enrichment of teaching materials with vivid images.

important: A generated image cannot be changed. If the prompt of an image is adjusted/changed, a new image is created.

Usage guidelines and ethical considerations

We attach great importance to ensuring that our users act in accordance with applicable copyright regulations and privacy protection. The generated images must not be used for misleading or harmful purposes.


In our opinion, all images created by AI do not achieve the required creative quality/level of creation to claim copyright protection. The training of image generation AIs, such as DALL-E 3 or Midjourney, is likely based on copyrighted images. It is therefore possible that the generated images may infringe the copyrights of third parties. We therefore recommend that you have a legal review carried out each time you use these images.