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Manage your team's prompts

In this area, you can configure prompts for your team. Determine which prompts members of your team use in their individual application.

The prompt overview

Prompt-Verwaltung im Admin-Bereich von

The prompt overview is divided into two columns.

On the left side are the prompts provided by (1). Check the box next to a prompt category to make it available to your team (2). A category without a checkmark remains hidden from users (3). The prompts are fixed. They can be switched on or off, but cannot be edited by administrators or users.

On the right, you'll find your team's prompts (4). Use the icons at the bottom of the panel to add new prompts or folders (5). You can create both direct prompts and assistance prompts.

If you want to edit or delete folders or prompts, select the appropriate item with the mouse and click on the pencil to edit or the trash can to delete (6).

Sort the individual elements by dragging and dropping them to the desired location.