With vision to success

We are pleased to introduce the vision feature in nele.ai version 1.7.0. This feature enables the advanced AI models from OpenAI and Microsoft Azure, GPT-4o and GPT-4 Turbo, as well as all available Claude3 models, to generate text based on image content recognition. Have you become curious? Let's explore together what this feature has in store for you.

Availability and use of the vision feature

With the new NELE.ai version (1.7.0), the vision function can be used. You can upload image files in supported formats directly to your chat flows using the AI models mentioned above. The models then create a description of the images upon request. This saves time and enables a variety of new applications to optimize your work processes.

Important to know

Since Vision has only been publicly available for a short time, we want to keep expectations for the system at a realistic level. For this reason, we've put together a few points about what users can and can't expect from the latest version of Vision:

What users can expect

Image description: When a user uploads an image, the system can provide a description of the image. This is useful for understanding the content of an image or for providing context for a discussion.

Object recognition: Vision can recognize and name specific objects within an image and classify them into groups/categories.

Scene recognition: The system can describe the general scene or context of an image, such as “a beach at sunset” or “a busy city street.”

What users shouldn't expect (yet)

Perfect accuracy: Although the system usually describes the content of images well, it is not completely error-free. It can occasionally misrecognize/interpret content or overlook seemingly unimportant details.

Personal identification: For data protection reasons, the system is unable to identify specific people in an image.

Integration with knowledge databases: Images cannot currently be uploaded to knowledge databases.

Reading images within documents or PDFs: By default, images can only be recognized as individual files. Images within documents cannot be recognized because only text content is interpreted in documents.

Please note that Vision is unable to display or link to images. In addition to DALL-E, Vision is another standalone application that operates independently of text models such as ChatGPT or Claude3. Vision can only provide descriptions and interpretations based on the information provided by the vision system.

Application examples

Below are some inspiring application examples combined with vision, which should stimulate your own creativity and serve as a basis. For more complex applications, it is necessary to integrate the Nele.ai API into your own systems to enable batch processing and automated integration into other applications and thus to implement extremely fast and productive work processes.

document management and archiving

Automatic labeling of images: Automatically add descriptive text to images in your documents or archives to make it easier to organize and search.

Caption of image content: Should you spontaneously need an image description while creating a text document or presentation, it can be created directly with a simple command using the vision function.

Prompt example

You are professional archiving software. Your goal is to create a short image description for the attached image so that you can archive it. Use the following format: [Appropriate image name — Short description of displayed content] [17.06.2024]

E-commerce and retail

Product description: Save valuable time by automatically creating product descriptions for your online shop based on product images.

Categorization of products: Make navigation easier for your customers by automatically assigning products to the appropriate categories.

nele.ai mit einem eingebundenen Foto von zwei Menschen in einem Elektronikfachgeschäft.

Prompt example

You are a professional content manager for online shops. Your goal is to assign the displayed content of the attached image to one of the following categories. Only include the name of the appropriate category in your answer, without further comments or comments. Categories: Electronics, Fashion, Toys, Groceries

Social media image recognition

Brand and logo tracking: Recognize and describe brand logos in images shared on social media to analyze your brand's visibility.

Content moderation: Support the moderation of your community by automatically recognizing and describing image content.

Zwei Bilder mit einem Raben, auf einem ist zusätzlich ein Logo zu sehen und auf dem anderen nicht.

Prompt example

Prompt 1: You are a professional image analysis tool. Your goal is to identify a given logo in images. For this purpose, remember the attached logo and confirm this to me.
Prompt 2: Now analyze the attached image and tell me whether the logo from the previous step is shown in this image. Only answer “yes” or “no,” with no further comments or comments.

marketing and advertising

Content analysis: Improve your advertising campaigns by analyzing visual content and increasing its effectiveness.

Personalization: Automatically create personalized marketing messages based on analyzed image content.

Prompt example

You are a professional marketing expert. Your goal is to create a personalized marketing text for the attached poster for the specified target group. The text should be short and concise so that it can be added to the poster. The target group to be addressed is: young adults and career starters.

Real estate and construction

Real estate ads: Create detailed descriptions for real estate photos in your advertising portals and thus increase the attractiveness of your offers.

Construction progress: Document and describe the construction progress by taking regular photos to get a better overview of the project.

Prompt example

Prompt 1: You are a professional building surveyor. Your task is to document the construction progress using the attached photos. Use the following format: [Appropriate title for the current state of the building — Brief description of the current construction progress compared to the previous version] [10.06.2024]
Prompt 2: Attached is a photo showing the latest construction progress. Use the following date today: [17.06.2024]

The vision feature of nele.ai revolutionizes the way we work with visual content. Ready to try out this powerful tool? Be inspired by the efficiency and versatility of image content recognition and see for yourself how it can optimize your processes. Try it out today!

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