Continuous improvement in embedding in knowledge databases

A new embedding model for knowledge databases is now available, which offers the following benefits:

Better accuracy

The new model understands texts even more precisely. That means our apps and services deliver even better results.

Higher speed and efficiency

Despite the larger and more complex structure of the model, the processing speed was increased. This allows you to access relevant information more quickly.

Increased flexibility

The new model can capture and interpret a wider range of texts and phrases. This makes the technology more versatile and powerful.

What does that mean for you?

For you as a user, this change means one thing in particular: significantly improved performance of these services. Whether you're looking for information, analyzing texts, or simply using our products, you'll find that everything works even more smoothly and precisely.

What are embeddings?

Simply explained: Embeddings are an advanced method for giving texts a kind of digital meaning. They help computers to better understand and process the content and context of texts. Imagine you have a huge dictionary, and embeddings help filter out the most important meaning and the relationships between the words.

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