DMEXCO: Success story of nele.ai

DMEXCO: Success story of nele.ai

DMEXCO in Cologne from September 20 to 21 was an impressive meeting place for digital innovations. As one of the most important trade fairs for digital marketing & technology, it offered us the perfect platform to present nele.ai. The trade fair has once again confirmed its reputation as Europe's leading platform for digital transformation and innovation. With 40,000 visitors from all over the world, it offered an ideal opportunity to exchange and present innovative ideas.

Artificial intelligence was one of the key topics at the trade fair. It was gratifying to see that top speakers saw AI as an opportunity and not as a threat. This confirms our philosophy of developing nele.ai to introduce AI technologies securely and quickly and increase the efficiency of companies.

Increasing interest and positive response

Our stand attracted many interested visitors, with whom we were able to have good discussions. The exchange and positive feedback on the application were encouraging and motivating. Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the issues of data protection and data security and see our AI solution as a suitable answer to these needs.

In particular, the highlighted interest and positive response to nele.ai has confirmed that we are on the right track with nele.ai. Many companies are interested in AI technologies, but are often still uncertain about their implementation and use. nele.ai is the user-friendly and privacy-compliant AI solution that addresses these challenges, alleviates uncertainty and securely accompanies companies in their first steps towards digital automation.

Our plea for digital transformation

During the trade fair, it was also very important for us to seek and deepen the exchange with our partners and experts from the industry. The exchange of ideas was very enriching and will help to further optimize nele.ai.

For us, DMEXCO 2023 was more than just a stage for presenting nele.ai. It offered opportunities for exchange, networking and also learning. All in all, DMEXCO has confirmed our conviction that digital transformation is an opportunity that we should actively seize and shape. With nele.ai, we have created a powerful tool that focuses on the needs of companies and helps them work more efficiently and securely. We are looking forward to incorporating the collected impressions and suggestions into the further development of nele.ai.

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